addison cundiff

PROJECT designer

This born and raised Austinite obtained his Master of Architecture degree at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. While there, Addison not only focused on his college education, but honed additional skills that aid his design thinking and problem solving dexterity. Photography is one avenue Addison uses to explore the designed and natural world in order to expand his own design thinking. Another is product design, which he picked up while being a wood/metal shop coordinator, where he would regularly get his hands dirty to make out-of-the-box solutions to fabricate one of his designs.

Addison also has previous experience working for Stantec architecture in the DFW area where he worked on complex large scale projects as well as small scale projects that emphasize design and human experience. Addison strives to apply his knowledge, skill, and passion into each project to create unique designs and experiences.